Coming Home
To Your Body

Reconnect with your body and create a new sense of well-being through mindful movements.


You can take your body back!

Movingness is a new method for restoring the neural connections between your brain and your body. It teaches you how to control and coordinate your muscles, muscle groups and muscle chains. It improves your strength, flexibility and balance while simultaneously creating a deep sense of relaxation and well-being in your body and mind.

Why choose Movingness?

If you want to create a new relationship with your body, Movingness is an excellent starting point. By restoring your interoception and developing your body’s natural ability to move, you’ll create a great foundation for an active life. Movingness can be combined with other types of activities. It can make you a better runner, yogi, dancer, hiker – whatever your passion!

Allow yourself to grow

Movingness is about giving yourself permission to be well. This can sometimes be harder than it sounds, but you need to create space for your own well-being. 

Transform your body

When you consciously bring your body into your wellness journey you can integrate new skills into your everyday life. Experience the joy of living in a vibrant and energetic body.

Transform your life

Body and mind are truly one! When you let go of body tension, you also let go of mental tension. Being physically grounded affects your mental focus and self-esteem. 

Are you aware of what’s happening to your body?

Using this video, see if you can non-judgmentally observe how people are moving. Notice the rigidity in their spines and hips, and how this affects the fluidity of their movement. Our bodies have their individual histories. We’re all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have to cope with injuries, worn out joints, and other problems. To create change, we need to become aware of what's gradually happening with our bodies so we can stay flexible and strong during our whole lives!


"I was so happy to find a way to work with my spine and hips without pain. It makes me feel really good in my body."

Valborg Rosenberg

"My body came alive, it was no longer something I had to force and bend according to my mind. It became something that I could harmoniously live with."

Helena Wirén-Westerlund

"I have a job with lots of repetitive movements and this is such a good way to relax tight muscles and open up the body again after a long work day."

Jenny Aspnäs
Restaurant chef

"The movements are very soft and gentle, but they go really deep. Afterwards, my body feels so relaxed and refreshed."

Titti Ljung

Why choose me?

My name is Peter Appel. I’m a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, mental trainer, and the founder of Movingness. I also have a life long interest in different somatic and meditation practices. When you study with me, you get practical knowledge and deep insights into the human body-mind.

Movingness in 5 steps

Movingness is made up of different natural movement series. It starts with the Cradle series, which is designed to create a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being in your body. Step-by-step it takes you through series after series and teaches you how to gradually master your body.

Relax and release

Movingness always starts with a short relaxation to release tension in your body. When you’re tensed, you lose the connection with your body, but when you’re relaxed you can sense yourself. 

Reconnect and renew

When the brain is in a relaxed mode, it is open for new information. Now, you can refresh the connections between the brain and the muscles, and create new movement patterns!


After every session, you can integrate your new movement skills into your daily life. You will notice a new freedom of movement, an enhanced body image and a higher self-esteem.

Let me show you how it works!



Give yourself and your body a wonderful gift!

Sign up now to get an unique opportunity to train Movingness directly with me! Every week during six months you’ll get a new lesson that will change your relation to your body and mind. You’ll learn how to relax and create well-being through movement. You’ll experience how your body is your source of joy and fulfillment. And how feeling good in your body can also boost your self-confidence.




Six monthly payments, $294 in total.

A clear and gradual path with weekly video lessons and audios for download.





Save $49 by paying for the whole course upfront.

A clear and gradual path with weekly video lessons and audios for download.


Frequently Asked Questions

The online training starts in January 2019.

Every week during during the six following months you will get a new lesson with instructions and new movements. 

In this way, you’ll gradually learn the different movement series in Movingness and how to flow between them. 

In total, there are 24 lessons, and during these lessons we will go through the Cradle series (on your back), the Gecko series (on your stomach), and the Tiger series (on all four). In addition, you will also learn the special relaxation and breathing techniques that are at the core of Movingness.


Every lesson includes:

• one or several videos with detailed movement instructions.

• one audio recording you can download and listen to while you’re practicing

Every week you’ll learn 1–3 new movements that gradually will form series of movements.

Movingness starts with the Cradle series, which is deeply relaxing and healing. And gradually we’ll move on into new and exciting territories!   




Every lesson is about 20 minutes. So you’ll need about 40–60 minutes to go through it and learn it.

If you like, you can practice Movingness every morning or every night. Not because you have to, but because it feels so good!  

Movingness is designed to give you pleasant experiences. So it’s more about how much YOU want to do it! However, it’s to your benefit if you can create a gentle routine and stick to it, without creating stress or tension in your life. 


There’s no problem if you have to take a shorter break. You can either catch up with the weekly lessons or continue from where you stopped whenever it’s possible.

In many membership sites, you only have access to the material as long as you pay your monthly fee. This course will be accessible for you as long as it is offered to the public.

Movingness is a very gentle and natural way to move your body. In my classes right now there are students from 17 to 71 years. Some of them are active and want to improve their well-being and mobility. Some of them suffer from stress, borrelia, burnout or similar challenges and want a form of exercise that doesn’t take away their energy, but instead rejuvenates and gives them more power and joy.

However, if you suffer from an acute back injury, like for example a slipped disc, Movingness with it’s mindful twists of the spine, is not suitable for you. A severe scoliosis is another situation where you need to be careful how much you want to work with you flexibility. If you have problems with your alignment, like for example a swayback, my advice is to simultaneously work with a body worker or/and a special program addressing this issue. If you suffer from PTSD, always check with your mental health provider if Movingness might good for you.

Overall, always check with your health care provider before you start a new program! 

Of course! If you're not fully satisfied with Movingness after 30 days, you can cancel your engagement and get a full refund. 

I’m here to help! Please, send an email directly to me. I’m answering all queries within 24 hours if it’s only possible. 

[email protected]

Seven ways Movingness is different

Movingness is a new, unique method to improve the way we move. Here are seven ways Movingness differs from other methods.

  1. The Movingness method improves your everyday movement by refreshing and refining the nerve connections between your brain and your muscles. You can also use it to improve your performance in yoga, dance and other sports.
  2. The method is based on functional movement, following the body’s natural movement patterns. That’s why it feels so good and effortless in your body!
  3. Movingness makes it possible for you to learn totally new ways to move and discover your full movement capacity.
  4. The Movingness method stimulates your brain by creating new neural connections. It is both movement and brain training. 
  5. New movements are practiced in a relaxed state of mind, wherein your brain is open for new information. 
  6. New movement patterns are taught in slow motion. In this way your body can learn how to once again perform complex movement patterns.
  7. The Movingness method is integrated with breathing and relaxation. It often leads to deep states of concentration, pleasure and flow. It can be used as a moving meditation.

Right now is your best now!

For every moment you postpone your decision to take care of yourself and your body, you postpone your future success. Why not start right now?


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