Is your body getting used to not being used?

Everything boils down to one thing: Are you learning or unlearning your body?

By Peter Appel

Movement is not something you learn as a toddler and that’s it!

No, it’s something you refine and relearn through life.

Or so not!

If you don’t use your body enough, it might be that you’re actually unlearning your body and reducing its ability to move.

The body get’s more stiff and rigid by the day.

It simply gets used to not being used.

You might think this is normal, but this is the illusion of normality: When everybody is moving less and less, we get the impression that this is how it should be.

But it’s only normal in the sense that almost everybody is doing it.

It’s not normal regarding our capacity to move.


Your full capacity

Let’s take another example:

Imagine everyone is only using the first gear in their cars.

Well, maybe, sometimes, if they’re in a real hurry, they change to second gear. But that’s about it.

Quite a sad story, isn’t it?

The capacity is there, but it’s not used.

Not even half of it!

Yes, yes, I’m quite sure you’ve already seen through me!

You know what I’m aiming at, right?

But still – isn’t it quite sad that we don’t use our body’s full capacity?

We could do so much more – if we’d like to – but we don’t do it!


Wrong question?

But maybe my question is wrong?

Maybe the problem is not about our capacity, but about not knowing how to get started?

So it was for me. When I was 35 I didn't understand how bad my relation to my body was. 

It was my normal.

I didn't think about.

And when I look around me, I see so many people who are like me. 

Just going about with their daily lives without noticing what’s happening in their bodies.

It makes me sad to see, but at the same time, I also understand it.

Why shouldn’t I? So it was for me for so many years.

But now I want to share my experiences with you. And say:

“Wait a minute! There’s a way out of this.” 

“Please, take action!”

And if you want to, I can also share with you how to do it!




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