Finnish Self-massage 

Release subtle tension in your body and mind!

Let go of deep inner stress

Finnish self-massage is a new movement practice for releasing subtle tension in your muscles, fascia and nervous system. With minimal, but profound movements, you can work with deep-lying stress that drains your energy and emotions. Afterward, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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Learn how to to deeply listen to your body.

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Deep breathing

Consciously move with your breath.

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Release tension with micro-movements.

What is subtle tension?

We can often feel when we have a tense neck or tense shoulders, but there is another type of stress that goes deeper and affects us on a more subtle level. Normally, we don’t feel this kind of strain. However, even though it goes under our radar and mostly operates on a subconscious level, it drains our energy and emotions.

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Movingness Finnish self-massage. Emotional tension

What is emotional tension?

Sometimes subtle tension is physical in it’s nature, sometimes emotional. When we experience loss or sadness, it also affects our bodies. As protection, we might slightly contract our chest and heart areas. If we don’t release the tension, our bodies can conserve the reaction for a long time after the actual experience has passed. 

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While working with Peter, I found there’s life in my body. Something I can listen to, be in touch with, and communicate with. Today, I’m listening to my body. I know when to say yes, and when to say no. My body tells me.

Helena Wirén-Westerlund

Overview of the training

The course includes

  • Finnish Self-massage is a series of 9 positions or “stations”. 
  • In every station, there are three different movements.
  • When you you’ve gone through all stations, you have gently worked with and opened up your whole body. 
  • You will learn three stations at a time, so after three lessons you will know the whole series.
  • The whole practice takes about 20 min to do.
  • Every lesson includes, videos, illustrations, and downloadable audios in mp3 format. 

Learn how to

  • Awaken your interoception and become mindful of your body.
  • Feel the feelings in your body and gently work with them.
  • Use micro-movements in different positions to release tension in muscles, fascia, and the nervous system.
  • Use deep breathing to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, while you simultaneously fill your whole body with rejuvenating oxygen.
  • Find states of deep relaxation, flow, and meditation.
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Why choose me?

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m an internationally acclaimed embodiment teacher with a life long interest in somatic practices. I’m looking forward to sharing Movingness with you!



You can also do it!

Take a moment to sense how it feels in your body. Is this something you really want to do? If so, don’t hesitate! Step by step, you can also create a new relationship with your body and yourself!  


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Finnish Self-massage


Top features

  • Four weekly lessons with 27 movements in nine different positions.
  • Positions include arms shoulders, neck, face, throat, collarbones, chest, stomach, hips, perineum, and legs.
  • Lessons includes, videos, illustrations, and downloadable audios in mp3 format.
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