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Wanted: Passionate Individuals

I’m looking for you, who want to make an impact and learn a new method to help people come home to their bodies. Preferable, you should already be a teacher or have a regular movement or meditation practice. (If this is not the case, but you have a burning interest, please contact me personally!)

Why Choose Movingness?

Transform lives

As a Movingness teacher, your goal is to facilitate embodiment. Every time you get up in front of a class, you’ll have the opportunity to truly change people’s lives. 

Deepen your practice

As a teacher, and especially as a Movingness teacher, you are a student for life. Embrace the joy of constant learning and grow on your own journey.

Make a living

As a Movingness teacher you can create meaning in your life – and in many other people’s lives, while you simultaneously also earn money and make a living.  

You Are Needed Right Now

Today, around 1.4 billion adults are not physically active enough to stay physically or mentally healthy, says the World Health Organisation. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future, there will be a huge demand for teachers who can help people find their way back to their bodies again.


"I was so happy to find a way to work with my spine and hips without pain. It makes me feel really good in my body."

Valborg Rosenberg

"My body came alive, it was no longer something I had to force and bend according to my mind. It became something that I could harmoniously live with."

Helena Wirén-Westerlund

"I have a job with lots of repetitive movements and this is such a good way to relax tight muscles and open up the body again after a long work day."

Jenny Aspnäs
Restaurant chef

"The movements are very soft and gentle, but they go really deep. Afterwards, my body feels so relaxed and refreshed."

Titti Ljung

Why Choose Me?

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, mental trainer, and the founder of Movingness. I also have a life long interest in different somatic and meditation practices. When you study with me, you get practical knowledge and deep insights into the human body-mind.

How Movingness Works

Movingness is made up of different natural movement series. It starts with the Cradle series, which is designed to create a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being in your body. Step-by-step it takes you through series after series and teaches you how to gradually master your body.

Relax and release

Movingness always starts with a short relaxation to release tension in your body. When you’re tensed, you lose the connection with your body, but when you’re relaxed you can sense yourself. 

Reconnect and renew

When the brain is in a relaxed mode, it is open for new information. Now, you can refresh the connections between the brain and the muscles, and create new movement patterns!


After every session, you can integrate your new movement skills into your daily life. You will notice a new freedom of movement, an enhanced body image and a higher self-esteem.

Let Me Show You A Glimpse!

Here’s how some of the exercises in the first series of Movingness look like.


Questions And Answers About The Teacher Training

First of all, it will give you a new method and new tools to help your students become more aware of their bodies, and how their bodies and minds interact, sometimes in very surprising ways. The training will give you new skills to create deep relaxation and wellbeing in your classes. You will understand how (according to brain science and old wisdom traditions), you need to work to change the structures of the brain and the nervous system in a more harmonious direction. With a closer relation to the body and its sensations, your students will be able to focus in a new way and even become totally absorbed in their experiences. Working from a subconscious level, they can also develop new movement patterns. In this way, movement and learning new things become fun again! And because our body-image is connected to our self-image, this will also boost their self-confidence.

Secondly, Movingness is not only about reconnecting with ourselves. It’s also about reconnecting with community and with Mother Earth. There is a deeper purpose in the training, not a strict one, but one of finding joy in our natural environment, in our group, and as living beings living on a living planet. This is something you can approach scientifically, and realize how the body of the earth is similar to our human bodies. But, if you like, you can also approach it mystically, and sense how the Earth actually is a living entity.

Thirdly, the teacher training is experiential. It gives you the possibility to deepen your practice and embody what you’re going to teach. You will gain a new understanding of how your body speaks to your mind and your mind speaks to your body. You will learn a new language and this language will make it easier for you to understand what’s happening in you, in your students, and, actually, in society as a whole right now. Scary things we can’t grasp with our thinking mind, can actually be understood by our bodies.

In short: The movement series. Natural movements. Deep relaxation/Yoga Nidra. Deep breathing with the Movingness breathing technique. How to teach Movingness.

Or more specifically:

  • how to guide a class into the hypnagogic state (Yoga Nidra)
  • how to go from the hypnagogic state to slow movements 
  • how to be guided by your nervous system
  • how to combine the feedback from your nervous system with deep breathing and gentle muscle tension (pandiculation)
  • how to consciously create wellbeing in your body through movement
  • how to release your outer muscles and move from the spine
  • how to let the students explore the movements, be creative, and enjoy a state of constant learning
  • how to mix relaxation and clarity
  • how to create flow in a class
  • how to freely move between series
  • how to adjust Movingness for different groups
  • how to close a Movingness class 
  • how to combine Movingness with sitting meditation 

The online training consists of weekly lessons and the Digital classroom. Here you can read about the weekly lessons!

During the online training you’ll get weekly lessons in three parts:

  • A body exploration
  • New movements
  • Body-mind theory

1. The body explorations are both for fun and for new insights! Some are guided inquiries or questions you can answer right away. In other cases, I’ll ask you to do things on the go during your day. And then write down your observations.

2. Movingness is made of movement series. During the first month, we will go trough the guided relaxation, a Yoga Nidra-like sequence that transforms into slow motion. You will also learn the Cradle series, an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating movement series. It consists of seven main exercises and some variations.

The following month you’ll learn the Gecko series, which is a great tool to get your back back! And then, the next month, you’ll learn how to freely flow between the series and create more variation and fun.

The fourth month will be spent breathing! Among other things, you’ll learn the special breathing exercises in Movingness. The fifth month is about the Tiger series on all fours. And then in June, you’ll learn more about transitions, spirals and the standing Bird series.

3. I think it’s extremely important for the mind to have some kind of frames to work with. They don’t have to be too strict, but if we only stay in the body realm, what we get is mostly floating experiences. We also need some kind of guidelines, or roadmaps, to follow. But I also know that many of you have challenging timetables and I don’t want to throw a pile of books after you and force you to find the essentials on your own. My suggestion is that I’ll write summaries about fundamental topics like setting an intention, Yoga Nidra/hypnosis/the hypnagogic state, The polyvagal theory, interoception, the attachment theory etc. with included links to further reading if you find the subject irresistible!

Since the teacher training is totally online, we will meet in a Digital classroom. This way, I'm able to teach you directly, answer your questions and give you feedback. You can see me, express yourself and share your experiences. The digital classroom also includes a forum for group discussions. These are the main topics we will address in the digital classroom:

• How to lead a class into relaxation

• How to teach the movement series 

• How to create variations

• How to close a class

• How to do Movingness in nature

• How to adapt Movingness for different classes (and also how to know where it doesn't fit)

• How to market Movingness

How often will we meet in the Digital classroom? Well, this is something we need to work out along the way. My suggestion is that we meet once a month during the six-month period and then have more intense meetings during the last month. But the Digital classroom will be open according to the needs of the students. So if needed, we will meet more often. 

The teacher training is a 6 months online training starting in January 2019. At the end of July or beginning of August, the group will meet for a one week residential training in my studio in Pietarsaari, Finland. During that intense week, you will fine tune your teaching skills while you get inspired and supported by me and the group. Parts of the training will be in nature.

Very soon. After approx 2 months you can start to teach the Cradle and the Gecko series, the first and second series in Movingness. 

Seven monthly payments of 199 US dollars, in total 1393 dollars. All course material is included in the price, except for required reading. Other expenses not included are travel, food and accommodation* during the residential in Finland.

*Sleeping on the floor in the studio is a low-cost option

Of course! If you're not fully satisfied with Movingness after 30 days, you can cancel your engagement and get a full refund. 

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Monthly payments for 7 months, 1393 US dollars in total.

A clear and gradual path with weekly video lessons, regular assessments, Q&A:s and special support.

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Take a look at a beginner’s class!

This is a beginner’s class in Movingness. Normally, a class is 60 minutes, but here I’ve shortened it to six and a half. The movements are from the two first series, the Cradle series on your back, and the Gecko series on your stomach. In the end, you’ll also see a couple of transitions from lying to sitting positions and the special Movingness breathing technique.


Seven ways Movingness is different

Movingness is a new, unique method to improve the way we move. Here are seven ways Movingness differs from other methods.

  1. The Movingness method improves your everyday movement by refreshing and refining the nerve connections between your brain and your muscles. You can also use it to improve your performance in yoga, dance and other sports.
  2. The method is based on functional movement, following the body’s natural movement patterns. That’s why it feels so good and effortless in your body!
  3. Movingness makes it possible for you to learn totally new ways to move and discover your full movement capacity.
  4. The Movingness method stimulates your brain by creating new neural connections. It is both movement and brain training. 
  5. New movements are practiced in a relaxed state of mind, wherein your brain is open for new information. 
  6. New movement patterns are taught in slow motion. In this way your body can learn how to once again perform complex movement patterns.
  7. The Movingness method is integrated with breathing and relaxation. It often leads to deep states of concentration, pleasure and flow. It can be used as a moving meditation.

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