Somatic Healing Movements

Create a deep sense of well-being in your body and mind.

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How it works

Somatic Healing Movements is a new series of innovative micro-movements. The movements stimulate your fascia, vagal nerves, and tactile C-fibers. And gently massage your inner organs. 

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Stimulates the richest sense organ in the body.

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Vagal nerves

Releases stress by activating your vagal nerves.

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Tactile C-fibers

Creates pleasure by turning on your tactile C-fibers.

Fresh and rejuvenated

The somatic healing movements create profound well-being and satisfaction in your body and mind. During the practice, you’re literally showering your body with feel-good hormones. Afterward, you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Release tension in the body

It’s easy to feel when we have a tense neck or tense shoulders. However, there is another type of tension that goes deeper and affects us on a more subtle level. Often, we don’t feel this kind of strain but it can nevertheless drain our energy. With the Movingness healing movements we can release physical tension in the fascia.

Movingness Finnish self-massage. Subtle tension.
Movingness, Helena Wirén-Westerlund, testimonial

While working with Peter, I found there’s life in my body. Something I can listen to, be in touch with, and communicate with. Today, I’m listening to my body. I know when to say yes, and when to say no. My body tells me.

Helena Wirén-Westerlund, Physiotherapist, Pietarsaari, Finland

Movingness, Helena Wirén-Westerlund, testimonial

I’ve just completed this beautiful course, and want to let you know how much insight it gave me into the sinuous movements of the spine. Each time I got on the floor I had a different experience. The movements allowed my spine to ‘sing’ and my torso to morph from a container to a flowing whole.

Barbara Archer, Somatic movement teacher, Derbyshire, UK

Movingness Finnish self-massage. Emotional tension

Release tension in the mind

Sometimes subtle tension is physical in its nature, sometimes emotional. When we experience loss, grief, or sadness, it also affects our bodies. As protection, we might slightly contract our chest and heart areas, or some other part of the body. If we don’t release the tension, it can stay with us for a long time after the actual experience has passed. 

Overview of the course

The four-week course includes

  • Movingness Healing Movements is a series of 27 movements divided into 9 “healing spaces”.
  • In the first week, you’ll learn the first three healing spaces, in the next week the following three, and in the third week the concluding three. In the fourth week, you’ll get the final version of the full series. 
  • Going step by step makes the practice very easy to learn and use in your daily life.
  • Every lesson includes instructions, guided videos, downloadable audio, and anatomy for practitioners. 
  • The final practice is 24 min of well-being and relaxation.

Learn how to

  • Use micro-movements in different positions to access areas of your body that you normally don’t reach.
  • Work with your fascia, the richest sense organ in the body.
  • Gently massage your precious inner organs.
  • Release tension in your body and mind by stimulating your vagal nerves.
  • Create pleasure in your body and mind by activating your tactile C-fibres.
  • Find states of deep relaxation, flow, and meditation.
  • When you’ve gone through all the healing spaces, you have gently worked with and opened up your whole body. 
Movingness, Peter Appel, founder

Why choose me?

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m an internationally acclaimed embodiment teacher from Finland. 

During the last few years, I’ve actively brought new, innovative practices to the somatic field. I’m looking forward to sharing the beauty of the new healing movements with you!

Warmly, Peter

Movingness Healing Movements



Learn how to:

  • Release your fascia, the richest sense organ in the body

  • Gently massage your precious inner organs

  • Release tension in your body and mind by stimulating your vagal nerves

  • Create pleasure in your body and mind by activating your tactile C-fibres

  • Move in a new way and shower your body with feel-good hormones.
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