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Somatic Workouts Fall 2024

Movingness Somatic Workouts is a groundbreaking new approach to strength building. It helps you improve your mobility and build muscle mass – without stress! A strong body is crucial for our health, especially when we grow older. In a Somatic Workout, you can stay mindfully connected with your body while building your inner and outer power! 

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Gentle Somatic Movements!

Whatever your age, you can use somatic movement to create a new, vibrant relationship with your body. Step by step, you can release tightness and tension, and learn how to move in ways that give you joy and energy. When you consciously reconnect with your body, you can enjoy it more than ever before! New course starts in early September!

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Somatic healing movements

Somatic Healing Movements is an innovative new series of somatic micro-movements. During the four-week course, you'll learn to move in a new way so you can deeply work with your fascia, gently massage your inner organs, stimulate your vagal nerves, and activate your tactile C-fibres. And shower your body with feel-good hormones. A 4-week self-paced course.

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Earth Series

The Earth Series is the somatic foundation of Movingness. With slow, conscious movements, you can soften your fascia and release tension in your body. Simultaneously, you create a state of well-being, flow, and relaxation in your mind. A 9-week self-paced course.

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Somatic teacher training

The 9-month Movingness somatic teacher training is one of the most profound programs available. With a mix of live classes on Zoom, personal guidance, community, and carefully crafted online lessons, it is an amazing inner journey and a life-changing experience. Please take a look at the curriculum. Or add your name to the waiting list for the next training.

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Somatic coaching

Mental training is a coaching method that originally was developed to support athletes to maximize their results. Today, it is more widely used. As a mental trainer, I can support and guide you on your path. Together we can plan your next steps and set up your goals!

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Free courses

Experience the sweet taste of Movingness with a free course!


Waves is a gentle somatic movement practice to release tension and pain in your lower back and spine. It allows you to deeply connect with your body through the sense of interoception. When you let the sensations from your nervous system guide your movements, it can take your body and mind into deep relaxation.

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Joyful breathing

Your breath is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious self. In this somatic guided meditation, you’ll learn how to connect with your breathing, and especially the feelings in your breath. During the meditation, you don’t have to do anything. Only rest and be aware and observe and feel what’s happening inside of you.

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The four enemies of the body

During some exciting days, you’re going to meet Matt, Peter – and your own body! Matt is a normal guy, just like you and me. But he’s struggling with an aching back. And his stressful life keeps him awake at night. Peter is trying to help his friend. “Watch out for the four enemies of the body,” he says. Maybe you’re wrestling with them too?

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