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Move the way you love, love the way you move

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Movingness teacher training 2021

For professional yoga, dance, and movement teachers, trauma therapists, coaches, and serious practitioners, who want to deepen their experience and understanding of interoception, fascia, and the vagus nerve. A profound eight-month process of full-body living to create awareness, safety, and well-being in your body and mind.

An amazing inner journey

The Movingness teacher training is one of the most comprehensive embodiment trainings available. The next training starts on the 5th of September 2021, and takes about 8 months to complete. With a mix of live classes on Zoom, personal guidance, community, and carefully crafted online lessons, it’s a profound and empowering journey for your body, breath, and mind.

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Movingness online

The Earth Series in Movingness is the starting point for reconnecting with your body in a gentle and caring way. 

Coming home to your body

The Earth Series is the foundation of Movingness. By using gentle, conscious movements, you can reconnect with your body and feel yourself from within. This ability to feel and sense yourself is called interoception. It can create a state of well-being, flow, and meditation in your body and mind.

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Free courses

Here you can get the first taste of Movingness – a unique way of creating an inner dialogue with yourself through awareness, breathing, and movement.

The four enemies

During some exciting days, you’re going to meet Matt, Peter – and your own body! Matt is a normal guy, just like you and me. But he’s struggling with an aching back. And his stressful life keeps him awake at night. Peter is trying to help his friend. “Watch out for the four enemies of the body,” he says. Maybe you’re wrestling with them too?

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Joyful breathing

Your breath is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious self. In this guided meditation, you’ll learn how to connect with your breathing, and especially the feelings in your breath. During the meditation, you don’t have to do anything. Only rest and be aware and observe and feel what’s happening inside of you.

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Release tension and pain

Waves from the Earth Series is a gentle practice to release tension and pain in your lower back and spine. It allows you to deeply connect with your body through the sense of interoception. When you let the sensations from your nervous system guide your movements, it can create a profound experience of relaxation in your body and mind.

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