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Our vision is to set the world in motion!

Our civilization has brought us many wonderful things, but we have paid a high price with our bodies. Our sedentary life style makes us stiffer and more rigid by the day. But it’s not too late to reclaim your body and discover the joy of movement. Together we can again set humanity in motion!

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We’re happy to hear from you. Send your comments, feedback, and suggestions for improvements to

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Oops! Something’s not working? Something needs fixing or improvement? Send your mail to Martin

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Phone us or send us as card or a letter! Movingness, Kumbergsgatan 12, FI-68620 Jakobstad, Finland.

Phone: +358 50 3033700

Who we are

"Martin is the support guy, who‘s keeping all the url:s smiling and flowing. That is, when he‘s not flowing himself on the dance floor!"

Martin Andersson

"Peter is the founder of Movingness. He's also a yoga teacher (in four different traditions), dance facilitator, mental trainer, and writer."

Peter Appel
Founder of Movingness

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