Coming Home To Your Body

Movingness is a new way to reconnect with your body and make you feel at home in yourself.


You can take your body back!

After so many years of studying, working and taking care of our family, many of us don’t recognize our body any more. It feels stiff and clumsy and it doesn't give us the joy and happiness it used to do. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Step by step, you can reconnect with your body and move again with ease, strength and freedom.

Once, you were a master of movement

Many of us were masters of movement as kids. We were constantly playing around in our bodies; jumping and running, testing new tricks and skills. No matter if we we’re standing or falling, it was just fun!

But then something happened. Life became serious. Year after year, we were supposed to sit still and behave. We focused on our studies, we focused on family and work. We learned to override our body’s natural urge to move. We forgot our bodies. 

You can become a master again!

When we look back at our life, we can see the cause and effect of our disconnection from ourselves and understand what happened. If we choose to, we can start to work backward and reconnect to our bodies. 

Gradually, we can find joy being in our bodies. We can have fun with our kids and our friends in the same spontaneous way as when we were young. We can become movement masters again!

It’s never too late to start!

It’s never too late to start to improve the way you move. Learning how to move with more ease and confidence will improve the quality of your life. Sign up for our free course now!

Why do we lose our bodies?

The simple answer is that we train our brains to ignore signals from our body. Gradually, the connection is weakened, and we’re losing control of our muscles, muscle groups and muscle chains. They don’t cooperate as before. This affects our flexibility, balance and coordination, and we feel stiff and clumsy.

How Movingness works

Movingness is a unique method to restore the neural connections between your brain and muscles and make it possible for you to once again move with ease, strength and freedom! It can also be used for relaxation, as a breathing practice, or as a moving meditation. Here’s how it works!

1. Relax and release

Movingness always starts with a short relaxation to release tension. When you’re tensed, you lose the connection with your body, but when you’re relaxed you can sense yourself. 

2. Reconnect and renew

When the brain is relaxed it is open for new information. Now, you can refresh the connections between the brain and the muscles. You can refine old and create new movement patterns!

3. Rejoice

After every session, you can integrate your new movement skills into your daily life. You will notice an improved freedom of movement, an enhanced body image and self-esteem.

Let me show you!

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, mental trainer, and the founder of Movingness. Now, let me show you a glimpse of how Movingness works in practice!


Seven ways Movingness is different

Movingness is a new, unique method to improve the way we move. Here are seven ways Movingness differs from other methods.

  1. The Movingness method improves your everyday movement by refreshing and refining the nerve connections between your brain and your muscles. You can also use it to improve your performance in yoga, dance and other sports.
  2. The method is based on functional movement, following the body’s natural movement patterns. That’s why it feels so good and effortless in your body!
  3. Movingness makes it possible for you to learn totally new ways to move and discover your full movement capacity.
  4. The Movingness method stimulates your brain by creating new neural connections. It is both movement and brain training. 
  5. New movements are practiced in a relaxed state of mind, wherein your brain is open for new information. 
  6. New movement patterns are taught in slow motion. In this way your body can learn how to once again perform complex movement patterns.
  7. The Movingness method is integrated with breathing and relaxation. It often leads to deep states of concentration, pleasure and flow. It can be used as a moving meditation.

It’s never too early to start!

It’s never too early – or to late – to reclaim a comfortable and relaxed body. The sooner you start, the better results you can expect. Sign up for your free course now!

Feel great in your body!

Getting out of stiffness and discomfort is the first goal. But when your body relaxes and you become more confident, a whole new world opens up. Improved balance and muscle coordination make it possible to do things you thought were out of your reach, like hiking, playing with your grandchildren or dancing. Now, moving feels natural and pleasant!

How you can benefit right now!

  • Move with ease and lightness 
  • Improve your body image and self esteem
  • Enjoy being physically active e.g. when you're exercising, working in your garden or playing with your kids 
  • Decrease wear and tear on joints and ligaments
  • Decrease the risk of injuries

How you can benefit later in life!

  • Stay active and independent
  • Move with good balance and coordination
  • Move without fear 
  • Enjoy a strong and flexible body
  • Prevent falls and injuries

The best day to start is today!

It’s never too early – or too late – to reconnect with your body. Sign up for our free course and take your first steps today!

Your body is your best investment – ever

We become what we do. How we move today, decides how we move tomorrow. Investing in your body is the best investment you can ever make.

Feel the joy...

We often remember our bodies when we feel pain. But pain is your body’s alarm bell. It only sounds when something is wrong. Your body is mainly designed to give you joy.

When you forget your body your life becomes stressful and hard, but you can open your senses and be fully alive! Give yourself the right to enjoy it’s precious gifts. Become your body’s best friend!

...for yourself and for others

There are many things we cannot control in life. Sickness and accidents are among them. Yet, there are many things we can do to improve the quality of our lives.

Taking care of ourselves and our bodies in a loving way is not only about ourselves. When our bodies are healthy and well functioning, we can be present for our near and dear ones and make a valuable contribution in our community and society.

"I was so happy to find a way to work with my spine and hips without pain. It makes me feel really good in my body."

Valborg Rosenberg

"My body came alive, it was no longer something I had to force and bend according to my mind. It became something that I could harmoniously live with."

Helena Wirén-Westerlund

"I have a job with a lot of repetitive movements and this is such a good way to relax tight muscles and open up the body again after a long work day."

Jenny Aspnäs
Restaurant chef

"The movements are very soft and gentle, but they go really deep. Afterwards, my body feels so relaxed and refreshed."

Titti Ljung

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