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Coming home to your body

Movingness is a new way to reconnect with your body
and make you feel at home in yourself.

New teacher training!

Coming home to your body

Movingness is a new way to reconnect with your body and make you feel at home in yourself.

New teacher training!

Your body is your true home

Many people have a difficult relationship with their body. Surprisingly, even athletes, dancers, and yogis struggle with their physical self-image. Movingness is a new method for healing the broken body-mind connection. Step by step you can reclaim your right to feel at home in yourself.

Movingness, interoception logo


Feeling and sensing your body from within.

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Deep breathing for meditation and flow.

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Rejuvenating fascia stretches.

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Natural movements for freedom and ease.

Movingness is not like other methods

Most movement methods are based on imitation. In Movingness, you start by listening to your own body and allowing it to guide your movements. This creates an amazing feeling of effortlessness, safety, and well-being. It also opens your natural curiosity for learning and growing as a human being. Not because you have to, but because you want to. So we start from within, and then we continue by adding skill after skill!

Movingness - Helena Wirén-Westerlund, Physiotherapist

“My body came alive, it was no longer something I had to force according to my mind. It became something that I could harmoniously live with.”

Helena Wirén-Westerlund, 
Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher

Movingness – Jenny Aspnäs, Restaurant chef

“I have a job with lots of repetitive movements.This is such a good way to relax tight muscles and open up the body again after a long workday.”

Jenny Aspnäs, 
Restaurant chef

Why have we abandoned our bodies?

In two alarming reports, The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.4 billion adults and 80 percent of adolescents worldwide are not active enough to stay physically and mentally healthy. How did we end up in this situation? Why have we abandoned our bodies?


As children, we often have a strong connection with our body. But as we grow older, we shift our focus to the stressful, outside world. Gradually, this leads to a disconnection between our body and mind. As a result, our body becomes stiff and tense. We don’t feel at home in ourself anymore.

You can wake up your body again!

Even though you might feel stiff and uncomfortable right now, you can create a new, vibrant relationship with your body. Remember, it’s not about perfection, but about connection. In Movingness, you don’t have to force yourself to move. Reconnecting with your body simply means finding the natural joy of movement and life itself.


You don’t have to build a strenuous discipline to feel good in yourself. The first step on the journey back to yourself is to bring your attention to the felt sense in your body, and slowly move from there.

Living an embodied life

Living an embodied life is more than just moving. It is about reconnecting with yourself – with your body, your community, and nature. When you find home in your body, you also reconnect with your basic feelings. You don’t have to figure everything out with your brain – you can feel it from within!

Being with horses. Movingness teacher training
Being in nature. Movingness teacher training.
Floorwork. Movingness teacher training

How you can benefit right now

  • Experience your body and your basic feelings
  • Feel closer to your partner, family, friends, and community
  • Enjoy touch and intimacy in a new and profound way 
  • Reconnect with animals and with nature
  • Move with ease and lightness
  • Improve your body image and self esteem
  • Enjoy being physically active e.g. when you’re walking, running, dancing, exercising, working in your garden, or playing with your kids

How you can benefit later in life

  • Stay active and independent
  • Enjoy being in your body even though it’s not a young body anymore
  • Improve your balance and coordination
  • Enjoy a new level of softness and flexibility in your body
  • Move with less fear 
  • Prevent falls and injuries
  • Enjoy an active sexual life
  • Decrease wear and tear on joints and ligaments
  • Have a realistic body image – know what you can do and what to avoid
Movingness – Valborg Rosenberg, retired

“I was so happy to find a way to work with my spine and hips without pain. It makes me feel really good in my body.”

Valborg Rosenberg, retired

Movingness – Titti Ljung, Physiotherapist

“The movements are very gentle, but they go really deep. Afterwards, my body feels so relaxed and refreshed.”

Titti Ljung, Physiotherapist

Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

Why choose me?

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m an internationally acclaimed embodiment teacher. I’m also a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, mental trainer, and the founder of Movingness. When you study with me, we’ll walk together step by step. During this journey, you‘re going to find a new relationship to yourself and discover the true power of your body and mind!

Peter has been teaching at The University of Rochester, US; The Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival, Sweden; and The Sound, Music and Wellbeing Symposium in Joensuu, Finland. He was one of the featured teachers during the Embodiment Conference in 2018 and 2020.

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