Weaving New Songlines – Together

Jun 14, 2020

“We are in a time of great opportunity. We are all creating our New. Now.”

Words & images Narelle Carter-Quinlan Soundscape David Parsons

We are – quite literally – all creating our New. Now.

We are in a time of great opportunity.

This, is the pause; the gestation.
The time of honesty,
of attenuated Presence
and consciousness.

This is the time of going to ground 
becoming still and vibrantly aware 
All Things.

This is the time of
deepest listening;

This is
A time of

is the time of
weaving the new Dream.

Of Creation;

With ourselves,
with each Other,

with the Being who is Earth.

Drawing the Threads down from the Stars,
from the spaces between the points of Light.

Dreaming the new physicality into



Weaving New Songlines Global Ceremony 

In June, August, and September 2020, Narelle is leading a series of three free Ceremonies for you to participate in, with yourself, and in communion with others around the world.

These Ceremonies are simple. You might walk, or sing or dance or make music or you might simply Be. The space that she holds within the Ceremonies, offers you the opportunity to consciously sit with yourself, and choose. To choose what it is, that you are consciously creating, in the now, and moving forward. For yourself, and with us all. As One.

First Ceremony
June 21 Solstice & Dark Moon - Session 1
Attenuating experience. Becoming conscious and present to what is.
Breathing, and becoming aware of what is real and moving through you, in connection with your inner and outer environment.

Second Ceremony
August 4-6 Imbolc / Lughnasad - Session 2
Release; Grieving, and Gratitude.
What is passing, flowing onward. Acknowledge that. Allow the feelings and sensations to arise, and to move through you. Acknowledge the blessings.

Third Ceremony
September 22 Equinox - Session 3
Seeding the New Songlines. Together.

To participate you will need to sign up. I will be emailing the materials to participate; 

  • link to the Zoom call (yes it is recorded), 
  • text notes on your participation 
  • Audio Meditation for you
  • possibly other pieces that arise 

You can do that here http://www.embodiedterrain.com/global-ceremony-weaving-new-songlines


Narelle Carter-Quinlan, BAppSc, is an image maker, story teller and Transformer; a dance maker, yoga therapist and anatomist. She is the founder of the Saltwater Songlines Project. Her work, an embodied ecology of Place, views our bodies as part of the living land. Her image making and site specific dance, is always a collaboration with the Ancestors. In her 61st year, Narelle has danced, practiced yoga, and consciously explored the experience of spirit in form for over five and half decades. An Australian, her name means Woman of the Sea in Indigenous language.

David Parsons is a New Zealand composer and multi-instrumentalist.

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