Peace of body, peace of mind

When your body calms down,
so does your mind.

How the Earth Series works

Finding peace in our minds starts by creating peace in our bodies. With the movements in the Earth Series, you can let go of tension in your body and mind and create a deep sense of stillness and relaxation in your whole being.

Movingness, Earth Series: Icon for interoception


Learn how to listen to
your body from within.

Movingness, Earth Series: Icon for fascia


Release tension with gentle
fascia stretches.

Movingness, Earth Series: Icon for natural movement patterns


Explore your body’s natural movement patterns. 

Movingness, Earth Series: Icon for breathing


Find relaxation and flow
with deep breathing.

Movingness, Earth Series: Reconnect with your body through interoception

Reconnect with your feelings

The Earth Series is the foundation of Movingness. It’s a series of movements that awakens your interoception and reconnects you with your body. Interoception, or the ability to listen to yourself from within, is sometimes called the body’s eighth sense. It is easy to lose, but with practice, you can activate it again.

Experience deep well-being

Movingness is a gentle practice. Slow movements together with your breath, creates a feeling of safety in your body and strengthens the nervous system. This makes it possible to release structural tension and make your body flexible and supple.

Movingness, Earth Series: How to create a feeling of safety in your body

Overview of the training

The Earth Series 

  • During the course, you’ll get nine weekly lessons 
  • Each lesson includes guides, and videos with detailed movement instructions
  • You’ll also get audios (mp3 files) you can download and listen to while practicing
  • Compilations of downloadable audios in different lengths are also included

Learn how to

  • Create a feeling of safety and trust in your body  
  • Gently open up your interoception (your inner sense of your body and the feelings in your body)
  • Enjoy long fascia stretches together with deep breathing 
  • Strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and your ability to stay calm and peaceful in challenging situations

A letter from Claudia

Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying the Movingness course.

I love the simple clarity with which the information is presented and I love the slow and sweet unfolding of the movement explorations. I am so happy to not be bombarded with overstimulation but rather to be welcomed back to life in a quiet and tender way.

I’ve been practicing yoga and other movement disciplines for decades, and I love the sweet new taste this is offering my own practice. I love how often you encourage us to find movement that is pleasing and that feels good. (Isn’t it crazy that this instruction is the exception rather than the norm?).

I love how you encourage us to personalize the experience, to explore different ways of moving and of being, so that we can find what feels just right for us. I appreciate how you start us out with a simple and organic movement suggestion and then invite us to let it bloom in new and creative ways.

And I am so thankful for the reminder to keep the mind and body present by shifting things around a bit when we fall into autopilot. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into creating this course. I love that I am learning something that feels so wonderful in body, mind and spirit from a kindred spirit a continent away!

Claudia Cummins, writer, yoga and meditation teacher, US

Photo of thank you letter from Claudia Cummins, writer, yoga and meditation teacher
Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

Why choose me?

Hi, my name is Peter Appel. I’m an internationally acclaimed embodiment teacher with a life long interest in somatic practices. I’m looking forward to sharing Movingness with you!

Warmly, Peter

Please, try it!

Experience Waves, one of the movements in the Earth Series! Like all movements in Movingness, it starts with a certain form. You can stay in the form if you like, but you can also let the body take over and explore free flowing movements from within your own body! 


You can do it!

The somatic approach is truly fascinating! It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are. Your age or condition doesn’t matter either. You can start your journey right now! A somatic practice is just like life, constantly curious and evolving. Every day, there’s something new to explore and discover! 

The Earth Series


Top features

  • 9 weekly lessons
  • Videos and guides with detailed instructions 
  • Downloadable audios
  • Downloadable compilations of full practices 
Yes, thank you!