Renew your body in 90 days 

New courses in somatic movement start in September.

Take back the power of your body! Release it from stiffness, old patterns, and habits. And meet the world with a new freedom and self-reliance!

The forgotten body

There’s something we all share: We often get so engaged in the outer world – studies, friends, family, and careers – that we forget about our bodies. But the body does not take care of itself. A forgotten body gradually stiffens. It loses its lightness and vitality. And so does its owner.


What happens with the body when we forget it?

The beautiful news

Fortunately, there’s also another story! Whatever your age, you can create a new, vibrant relationship with your body. Step by step, you can release tightness and tension, and learn how to move in ways that give you joy and energy. When you consciously reconnect with your body, you might even enjoy it more than when it was new and fresh! 

“It changed the way I move and live”

What my students are saying

Anne Tarvainen, researcher endorsing Movingness

“I love this training! It literally changed the way I move and live in my body.”

Anne Tarvainen, Researcher, Singer, and Developer of the Voicefulness® method; Orimattila, Finland

Nina Rashid, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“I feel as if I am coming home, home to my body, mind and soul, when I slowly move through the Earth series.”

Nina Rashid, Senior yoga and meditation teacher, London, UK

Kent Bond, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“Peter’s work is absolutely transformational. In my opinion, he is one of the most significant teachers in contemporary movement science.”

Kent Bond, Willow Glen Yoga, Bend, Oregon, US

Boost your everyday life!

Some movement methods make you stronger, while others make you more flexible, or give you more energy. But often they don’t help you move better in your daily tasks. In Movingness, the focus is on boosting your movement skills. It helps you move with ease and grace throughout life. That’s why Movingness is so appreciated by all ages and all types of practitioners.


The two main keys when you decide to take your body back.

We’re getting old way too early

Modern science makes it possible for us to increase our life span. But simultaneously, we have created a lifestyle that is unfriendly to our bodies. The result is that we’re living longer – but the quality of life is decreasing. We’re getting old way too early. To fix the problem, we need to plan and design our societies differently. But on an individual level, you can already now take action!

Movement is the medicine

There are so many rewards to reap when you start moving.

Movement and exercise:

  • boost your mood and improve mental health
  • make your brain sharper and more alert
  • keep the systems going – breathing, blood circulation, and lymph system
  • is great for your heart, lower your blood pressure, and decrease the risk of many other diseases
  • improve your balance and coordination
  • boost the quality of your life

This means that you can:

  • enjoy more of the sunny sides of life
  • be physically active
  • enjoy being in nature
  • travel and explore other cultures
  • delight in yummy foods
  • play with your children and grandchildren
  • enjoy intimacy with a flexible and living body
  • take care of those who need you
  • stay independent
  • take care of your daily business  

“I brought so much home with me”

What my students are saying

Leea Ojuva, physiotherapist endorsing Movingness

“For me, Movingness has offered a way to reconnect with the joy of moving my body. I have found myself in awe with the simplicity and insights it has offered me.”

Leea Ojuva, psychomotor physiotherapist, Turku, Finland

Richard George, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“I brought so much home with me. The course has truly landed deep within my tissues and bones.”

Richard George, Yoga Teacher, Warwickshire, UK

Leea Ojuva, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“The live classes set me up for the day, they were so uplifting and having the recordings as a follow up was a very helpful reminder.”

Janet McGregor, Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Therapist, Co Down, N. Ireland

Do you have room for your body in your life?

Taking care of the body can make our lives longer, healthier and richer. So what is holding us back? Is it a lack of time and energy? Is it hard to get started? Or is it difficult to find a method that feels right? I don’t know your situation, but I’m curious. What would you need to make room for your body in your life?

Video Poster Image

Shall we do it together?

It’s much easier to move together. And so much more fun! Would you like to join me and a small group of other students?  I’m here to inspire and guide you along the path. Together, we can do it!

Peter, founder of Movingness


Peter Appel is an internationally acclaimed movement teacher. He has been practicing and teaching yoga, movement, and dance for over 25 years. He is also a writer and a mental trainer.

Your body is perfect

A common misunderstanding is that you need a certain body type to enjoy movement. But that’s not true! You don’t need a “yoga body” to practice Movingness. Your own body is just perfect! You see, in Movingness, you don’t have to imitate the teacher or someone else. Movingness is about what works for you and what feels good in your body. It’s about empowering you and helping you succeed in your life.


The 90-day program

What’s going to happen during our 90 days together?

Week 1–2: Feel your body

During the two first weeks, we’ll create a new relationship with the body. This makes it possible to feel the body and release deep-lying tension. It feels so good when the body opens up and freely moves again!  

Peter Appel, founder of Movingness
Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

Week 3–4: Find your rhythm

The second step is to activate the spine – our “fifth limb”. When we learn to trust our spine, we can add rhythm and even more pleasure to our movements! (Week 5: A special class about affective touch.)

Week 6–7: Create flow

During the following weeks, we’re learning how to smoothly move between different planes – laying down, sitting, on all fours, and standing on two feet. Now, we can enjoy an amazing new flexibility and flow!

Peter Appel, founder of Movingness
Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

Week 6–7: Create flow

During the following weeks, we’re learning how to smoothly move between different planes – laying down, sitting, on all fours, and standing on two feet. Now, we can enjoy an amazing new flexibility and flow!

Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

Week 8–9: Build strength

The older we get, the more important it is with a strong body. During these weeks, we’re strengthening the muscles and the fascia throughout the body!  (Week 10: A special class about the body-mind connection)

Week 11–12: A confident body

During the concluding weeks, we’re taking our new skills into the upright position. Self-confidence is to a large degree about body confidence. Now, you can meet the world with new freedom and self-reliance!

Peter Appel, founder of Movingness

“Like going on dates with my body”

What my students are saying

Lisan Bremmers, somatic yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“It's a beautiful and very well organized training that speaks to the body, the mind and the heart. It’s a journey that will stay with you.”

Lisan Bremmers, Somatic yoga teacher, Torsåker, Sweden 

Amanda Simpson, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“I’ve enjoyed letting the breath and the mind chatter slow down and experience this lovely harmonious state. I love the way I can tap into a state of flow.”

Amanda Simpson, Founder of Karalee Yoga and Organic Body Movement, Brisbane, Australia

Yaki Wo, forest therapy guide endorsing Movingness

“Every time I practice I feel deeply relaxed and have a warm, fuzzy feeling in my body – it sounds a bit strange but it’s a bit like going on dates with my body!”

Yaki Wo, Forest Therapy Guide, Perth, Australia

Take your body power back!

There’s so much to gain from working with your movement skills! When you release your body from old patterns and habits, you’re taking your body – and its power – back!

Let’s do it together!

The new course starts on September 3 and 5. The live classes on Zoom are on Tuesdays at 10 AM Helsinki time (EEST, UTC+3), and on Thursdays at 7 PM Helsinki time (EEST, UTC+3). All classes are recorded and posted to the course platform together with instructional texts and videos. You’re warmly welcome!

Pay per month

4x$79 ($316)

Top features

  • A 12-week unique training
  • Weekly live classes on Zoom (60 min)
  • Sharing plus Q&A after class (15–20 min)
  • Instructional texts and videos 
  • Downloadable audio
  • For you to keep!
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Most Popular

  • A 12-week unique training
  • Weekly live classes on Zoom (60 min)
  • Sharing plus Q&A after class (15–20 min)
  • Instructional texts and videos 
  • Downloadable audio
  • For you to keep!
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Personal coaching

  • Let’s create a personal plan for your training! 
  • First, we’ll look at your situation. Then we’ll define your future goals. And create a path to get there!
  • The first session is always free, later sessions cost USD 99/h. 
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“Like a cool shower on a hot day”

What my students are saying

Dawn Clarke, trauma therapist endorsing Movingness

“This course is so amazing. It will transform the way you feel and move your body in the classes and in the world.”

Dawn Clarke, Remedial, Neuromuscular and Somatic Trauma Therapist, Kempsey, NSW, Australia

Audrie McKenzie, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“Thank you so much for the awesome course. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to come home to my body.”

Audrie McKenzie, Yoga teacher, Christchurch, New Zealand

Barbara Archer, somatic movement teacher endorsing Movingness

“For me, Movingness feels like a cool shower on a hot day, the first dip in the sea, the warm towel to wrap yourself in afterward – refreshing, exhilarating and nurturing.”

Barbara Archer, Somatic movement teacher, Derbyshire, UK

Pleasure + gain = true

We have been told that pain and gain go together. But that’s not true! Pain is an important signal from the body. It’s the body’s way of saying “Beware, something is wrong”! In Movingness, you’ll learn to respect your body and listen to it. This creates a feeling of trust and safety. And it brings so much joy to your practice. Pleasure and gain – hand in hand! 


When does the course start? Is it for you? What can you expect from the course? Let’s have a look at the details! 

“Absolutely amazing and life-changing”

What my students are saying

Katherine Smits, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“The movements are a slow, carefree, rhythmic exploration of your body at your own pace. The result is a restoration of tensional balance and deep ease. A true feel-good experience!!

Katherine Smits, Somatic yoga teacher, Kildare, Ireland

Jepa Pihlainen, yoga and pilates teacher endorsing Movingness

“Oh, the Cradle. And the feeling that comes with it. I even call it cradle-happiness! This is the movement I return to, time after time. It is very soft and soothing and works like a walk in the forest.”

Jepa Pihlainen, Yoga and Pilates teacher, Järvenpää, Finland

Aurelie Anjali Gauthier, yoga teacher endorsing Movingness

“Touching hands at the beginning of every class has been absolutely amazing and life-changing: so simple, yet so profound! This is now my morning routine, the first thing I do before getting out of bed.”

Aurelie Anjali Gauthier, Trauma-Informed Integral Yoga Teacher, France

Somatic dictionary

Movingness is a somatic practice. Somatic means that we’re consciously listening to the sensations in the body. Here are some somatic keywords that can be helpful.